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 Tough - Low Cost Gast  1AM-NRV-7SS  Stainless Steel  Air Motor  (Proprietary No. 1AM-NRV-252SS)    Requires food grade lubricated (oil) air supply,    is direct drive,    has no gearbox 

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   Mounting FACE No oil needed Requires oil
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   Rotation REV NL32-NCC-1 Air Motor 1UP-NCC-1A Air Motor
   H.P. 0.42 0.42 HP / CCW / 2,000 RPM 0.45 HP / CCW / 6,000 RPM
   Torque lb.in. 5.5    
   R.P.M. 10,000 No oil needed Requires oil
   Vanes 4 NL42-NCC-1 Air Motor 2AM-FCC-1 Air Motor
Usually ships


0.82 HP / CCW / 2,000 RPM 0.9 HP / CCW / 3,000 RPM


  Gast Air Motor Service Manual
    open here (0.8 MB PDF)


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